Opting For A Barn Conversion In Somerset? Checkout 5 Design Tips!

Are you planning to turn your barn into a residential or commercial property?  Do you need innovative ideas which you can bring to life during the renovation? Then have a look below to know the vital tips to decorate your barn in style!

barn conversions in somerset

Farm shelters have the most beautiful views with a picturesque rural setting. While transforming the barn into a comfortable, beautiful home, you may have a style which flows impeccably from one room to another. When it comes to interior designing of your converted barn, you can opt for any design you like- be it contemporary, country style or a traditional backdrop with a modern twist. Thus, all you need to do is choose the right design for your converted building!

Keep reading to get few exclusive design tips to help you in transforming your barn into a welcoming home!

5 Quick Tips For Designing A Beautiful Barn Conversion In Somerset

  1. Get bolder by picking patterned wallpaper

Patterned Wallpaper

Getting bolder with your converted shelter can be a good way to decorate your home. You can choose wallpapers with prints or brave patterns. With the availability of a number of designs, you can pick the pattern which suits your interiors the best.

  1. Keep your ceilings close to their countryside origins

Ceiling with rustic origins

While opting for barn conversion in Somerset, you can show off your farm shelter’s rural architectural style to boast of a sophisticated interior designing. Keep your ceiling in proximity with their rustic origins to highlight your barn’s features. Further, you can maximise the sense of space and height by adding light coloured beams to your rooms.

  1. Opt for a contemporary staircase

contemporary staircase

Get adventurous by opting for a contemporary staircase. This can be a good way to contrast and complement the antiquity of your barn. By adding modern staircase with the rustic charm of your building and the centuries-old beam, you can boast of a traditional interior with a modern twist.

  1. Consider adding task lights to your living space

Task light at living palce

Be it for cooking, eating, studying or reading; there are few activities which require ample lighting. Instead of picking those everyday lights, opt for ‘task lights’ and hang them over the kitchen table, study table, armchairs, bed, etc. This will help you in defining the space and create the ideal setting. You can get adventurous and start experimenting with various designs for each area to generate interest in the minds of your guests.

  1. Separate rooms by adding glass doors and internal windows

Separate rooms by adding glass doors and internal windows

While transforming your barn into a beautiful home, you can create separate sections by adding glass doors and internal windows. By fitting internal floor-to-ceiling glass doors and windows, you can create a distinct space without obstructing natural light. You can consider adding them in a row to create a dramatic look.

Now that you have got these handy tips, what are you still waiting for? Find builders at www.buildersglastonbury.co.uk/barn-conversions-somerset who can provide exceptional conversion services and start transforming your barn into your ideal property!